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The Degustation of Dave
Cover of book - The Degustation of Dave

Novel – The Degustation of Dave

The Degustation of Dave is a horror and gore novel that presents a stoic character dealing with extreme adversity. Reviews of this book can be found here.

The Auschwitz Garden
Cover of book - The Auschwitz Garden

Novel – The Auschwitz Garden


This novel tells the real life story of a man who survived incarceration as a concentration camp prisoner in Auschwitz and Mauthaussen. The story is about a relative of the author D.A.Cunningham. Reviews of this novel can be found here.

Death by Eye Jewellery
Cover of book - Death By Eye Jewellery

Novel – Death By Eye Jewellery

Death by Eye Jewellery represents a realistic cruise ship experience with a twist—a murder.

Last Man Standing
Cover for short story - Last man standing

Short story – Last man standing

This short story is an excerpt from D.A.Cunningham’s novel The Auschwitz Garden. It exists both to tell the story of the death march that is its subject and to give readers a preview of the larger novel.

Dear Pongo
Cover of short story - Dear Pongo

Short story – Dear Pongo


Dear Pongo is a personal short story I wrote to help me deal with the grief of a dearly loved family pet, Pongo. I have made this publicly available, and for free, to help other people dealing with similar grief. Also refer to my post on dealing with grief over losing a pet.

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