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Book Marketing Tip #4

Post a Notice to Your Social Networks

If you’re a user of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other online communities, tell your friends and associates that you just published your book, and provide a direct hyperlink to your book page.

If you’re not already participating in some of these networks, jump in and start.


So what did I do?

I have quite a large presence on social media as demonstrated in my email signature (see tip #1).

Twitter             @cunningham_da
Goggle + 

When I publish a new novel I write a post on my blog to let subscribers know. I then use the Social Media Feather WordPress plugin to push this post out to my Facebook business page, Twitter, Google +, and to LinkedIn. This plugin makes this possible at the simple press of a button. You may have noticed the share buttons at the end of all my posts and pages.


A huge advantage of using the Social Media Feather WordPress plugin is that ANYONE viewing my post can push the post out through their social media also. This merely involves a click of the same button.

Other Considerations

It is very easy to waste a lot of time on social media. It can also be a very powerful tool for connecting to lots of people.

Correctly using social media to promote yourself and your products is a skill that some people have and others do not. I, for one, am quite inept at properly using social media. But then I don’t even own a mobile phone.



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