Book Marketing Tip #3

Email Campaign

After you publish your book, send an email to everyone you know—this includes friends, family, co-workers, business associates and fans.

Politely ask them to share your email with their friends to spread the word.

Don’t need to be pushy.

Mark Coker includes the following email template in his Smashwords Book Marketing Guide.

Dear friends and family,

Just wanted to let you know that my book, [insert your book title], was
published today as a multi-format ebook by Smashwords. As many of
you know, the book [is about/covers/explores] [insert a short one
sentence description of your book]. I hope you’ll take time to check it
out at Smashwords, where you can sample the first XX% of the book for

Here’s the link to my author profile: [insert the direct link]

Here’s the direct link to my book page, where you can sample or
purchase the book: [insert direct link]

Won’t you also take a moment to spread the word about my book to
everyone you know?

Thank you so much for your support!

Your first Name

[if you completed your email signature, your signature appears here.]


So what did I do?

At the present I do not have a newly published book to email about. But when I do I will drop my email here as a reference. I plan to base my email off Mark’s template


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