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Book Marketing Tip #2

Post a Notice to Your Web Site or Blog

If you own a standalone web site or blog be sure to do each of the following:

  1. Create a post when your books are published.
    • Ensure this post contains a clickable link directly to both your profile page and to where your book can be purchased.
  2. Create a dedicated page with clickable links directly to where your books can be purchased.
  3. Update your About Me page to include links to where people can find your published works.

So what did I do?

Let’s concentrate on my published novel – Death by Eye Jewellery.

For this novel I created a dedicated website

I posted numerous times before, during and after publishing this novel:

Each post was pushed out to social media—Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This activity was greatly simplified with the aid of Social Media Feather WordPress plugin that adds simple to use social media buttons for ease of sharing.

I created a page which has links to where my books can be found – My Published Works. This also serves a useful reference for the page I add at the end of my novels.

My About Me page has been updated to include the same links that I recently added to my email signature. See my post on Book Marketing Tip #1. Whilst editing this page I also added a link to My Published Works.


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