Book Marketing Tip #1

Update your email signature

Your email signature is an unobtrusive and convenient mechanism to promote whatever you are marketing. It should uniquely identify you and contain links that enable recipients of your emails to find out more about you or to stay connected with you.Via these links, recipients of your emails may even purchase your book, or whatever other product you are marketing.



So what did I do?

Here is an example of my email signature. Please feel free to use it as a template for your own email signature.

D. A. Cunningham

 Logo with shadow - 150x100

Twitter            @cunningham_da
Goggle +


It is important that your links are clickable to make it simple for people to follow them. You don’t want people to need to remember a long, and sometimes intimidating, Internet address.


See I made that link clickable which makes it so much easier to follow.

A noticeable exclusion from the rule of clickability (I think I just invented that phrase) is your Twitter identity. Here you want to advertise how you are known to the twitterverse, i.e. @your_id


Other Considerations

Some considerations for email format

Text based email: If your email program composes emails as plain text then links will need to be spelt out explicitly (e.g. Most receiving email programs will make explicitly spelt out, text based, links clickable.

HTML based email: If your email program composes your emails in HTML and people are expected to receive them in HTML format which is very much the norm these days, it is not enough to simply list the web address. You need to also set it up as a hyperlink.

Creating hyperlinks varies from email app to email app, but typically, as with my email program (Mac Mail), creating a hyperlink involves merely a right mouse click followed be selecting Link -> Add link in the menu presented. This is shown below.


Always include the complete web address

Regardless of whether you send emails as text or in HTML format I recommend that you always include the complete web address as I have done above. This carries a couple of benefits:

  • People see your web addresses and may remember the important parts of them.
  • Printouts of your emails still present the information.
  • Repetition of your brand (which is hopefully very similar in all arenas) helps your promotion.




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