Tips and tricks

This page contains a collection of tips and tricks that I have used in my journey to becoming a self published author.

Book Marketing tips - man running with a load of books.

Book Marketing

In the area of book marketing I present 41 tips that were originally written by Mark Coker in his Smashwords Book Marketing Guide. They were written for the benefit of authors who publish and distribute their ebooks at Smashwords. I believe they are universal and apply to the marketing of any book and even, to some extent, apply to marketing almost anything.

All of these tips are free to implement.

This content has been reproduced here, with permission from Mark Coker.  My aim is to present both a summary of Mark’s guide and to give examples of my personal journey of applying each tip. I hope you can join me on the complete journey and learn something valuable from my sharing of this Information.

Novels by D. A. Cunningham

As you scroll down the page, images of novels written by D.A.Cunningham will be presented. For further information on each novel simply click on its image.

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