I have added a short story titled “Last man standing” for readers to enjoy. This 2600 word story (about 8 pages) is extracted from a novel I have been writing called “The Auschwitz Garden“.

This book forms the memoirs of a relative “oppi” who survived being a concentration camp prisoner in both Auschwitz and Mauthausen during WWII. He was interned for three years!

Oppi turns 95 in 2014 and still lives in the home he built with his own hands around 1960. He still holds a valid drivers license – reissued in 2013 with an expiry date that will see him 104 years old when next he needs to renew it.

This particular short story tells of a death march that oppi endured and survived. In fact he was the only prisoner that survived!

Navigate to the short story from my Short Stories page where this short story is also available for purchase.

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