After hearing that the US have pulled out of the Paris Accord and remembering the commotion that rose out of Donald Trump tweeting “covfete” I thought that we might soon see a tweet from DT saying “Pollution – Shmollution”.

Now that would be something that would be easy to write a rap song for.

Maybe something like the following:

We need a solution
to all this pollution-shmollution.
People are nag’n,
but nobody’s remove’n or bag’n
all the shit that’s float’n deep in our oceans.

No-one has a notion!

In Paris they are speak’n
but they all should be peek’n
at the shit that is pollut’n
so they can form a deep and meaningful solution.

Let’s start with clean’n up the ocean.

C’mon world—get serious now,
all this talk is do’n
is make’n more pollution.

This type of pollution,
this verbiage sputum,
it aint the solution
it’s just an ablution
from out of their anus
you know what I’m say’n.

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