The Degustation of Dave – Can you stomach the meal that this book dishes up?

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The Degustation of Dave presents  a story of personal hardship and suffering, with some sex and adventure included to provide something for almost everyone.

First published in November 2014, this book is available for purchase as an ebook.

As is typically the case, the troubles start for Dave when he allows lust to control his actions. He ends up regretting his decision that irrevocably changes his life forever.

Chapter one is set in a hospital in a foreign land. Here readers will find our body builder Dave in a deplorable physical state following a trek in the jungles of Brazil. His physical state begs to ask the questions: What has Dave eaten? What, or who, has been eating Dave?

Can you stomach the meal that this book dishes up?  

The Auschwitz Garden – a story of survival

The Auschwitz Garden tells the life story of a truly remarkable man who survived as a prisoner of both Auschwitz and Mauthausen concentration camps during WWII. This remarkable man is D.A.Cunningham’s grandfather-in-law and is endearingly known to all in the family as ‘oppi’; a family derivative of a common European name for grandfather—’opa’.

First published in November 2014, this book is available for purchase as an ebook.

This book was actually the reason D.A.Cunningham chose to become an author. The thought of oppi slipping away from this world and taking his repertoire of life experiences forever with him was too much to bare. Oppi’s experiences simply had to be captured permanently in print!

The Auschwitz Garden necessarily documents some of the horrors that oppi was subjected to as a concentration camp prisoner but also tells of his achievements in the 70 years after WWII.

Born in 1919, oppi turned 95 years old whilst being interviewed for this novel.

Death by Eye Jewellery – an ocean cruise with a murder thrown in

Cover of Death by Eye Jewellery

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Death by eye jewellery is a novel that takes readers on an ocean cruise—full of opulence, overindulgence and socializing. Into this is thrown the twist of a murder.

First published in June 2014, this book is available for purchase as an ebook and also in print (soft and hard cover).

D.A.Cunningham was introduced to ocean cruising three years before writing this novel. In it he attempts to realistically portray the complete cruise ship experience as seen through the eyes of a contrasting mix of passengers and staff from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds.


Death by Eye Jewellery

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