The Degustation of Dave

Can you stomach the meal that The Degustation of Dave dishes up?

Degustation (noun)—a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.

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Dave, an ardent body builder and reclusive software developer, makes a decision that results in dire consequences; leaving him half the man he started out to be. Maimed and disfigured in such a way that it is impossible for him to return to the life he has grown comfortable with.

Working ten hour days to satisfy an aggressive project schedule, and attending the gym six times a week, for at least a two hour session of weights each time, leaves very little free time for relaxation and socializing. Dave doesn’t mind. He is happy to immerse himself in mental activities whilst working and then to lose himself in the grind and grunt of pumping iron. His buddies down the gym are essentially the only people he talks with on a regular basis so his gym sessions form, for him, a satisfactory social activity.

In need of a holiday to wind down and give his mind a rest, Dave catches a plane to an exotic location were he partakes in all the typical touristy activities. But he still participates in daily workouts. It is during a daily workout where he is persuaded down a path that promises so much excitement and adventure, only to turn full-face on him and become a path to destruction. His chosen path takes him deep into the jungle and changes his life forever.

What has Dave been eating? Or should we be asking—who, or what, has been eating Dave?

Readers will need to have a strong stomach to get through some parts of this novel.



Following are some excerpts from, and links to, reviews of this novel.

 “The story is bizarre, takes you where you have not been before, but Cunningham is so adept with his structure and verbiage that he wins us over with an impossibly fine book.”
 “this book will pull you in and surprise you. It is well worth the read.”


“the perfect novel for someone who is looking to be surprised”

“I found myself enthralled and perplexed. Enthralled because the plot kept moving at a very comfortable pace and perplexed because I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading.”


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