Death By Eye Jewellery (novel)

Death By Eye Jewellery is a novel that presents a realistic cruise-ship experience involving people from all walks of life. But there is a twist—a death occurs under rather bizarre circumstances throwing the cruise into turmoil as a murder is investigated.

Death by Eye Jewellery has been awarded the gold medal for 1st place in the 2014 AUTHORSdB Cover contest – Mystery and Detective category

Death by Eye Jewellery

Death By Eye Jewellery is available as both a printed book and an eBook

ISBN 13: 9781499001556 – Trade Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781499001563 – Hardbound
ISBN 13: 9781499001549 – eBook

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        Craig, a wealthy businessman who fraudulently extracts as much out of the system as possible, and then some, surreptitiously accompanies his accountant, Bethany, on an ocean cruise. He has desires for her, and ambitions of getting to know her better, but she has only the need for some time away from the office, to investigate his colourful approach to expensing everything to the company. There is also the matter of a huge sum of money that has gone missing from the company’s coffers. Bethany has her suspicions but must dig deeper before she can make any accusations.

        On-board the cruise ship, romance does indeed bloom, between both alike and unlike couples. One romance is built on abundance and opulence whilst another is more down to earth, built on the couple enjoying an array of public ship activities.

        A jacket, a corpse, and a coat hanger made out of platinum – what could the relationship be? Who would make a coat hanger out of platinum anyway? Surely taking it on an ocean cruise is an opulence that borders on the bizarre, an extravagance that unnecessarily raises attention!

        When the coat hanger goes missing, almost everyone on-board is a suspect, but when it is found, the dire circumstance of its discovery adds extreme urgency to now finding a murderer.

       This story attempts to realistically portray the cruise experiences of an antithetical mix of people, both passengers and crew. Everyone experiences life uniquely and this carries into his or her cruise experience. What seems commonplace and boring to some is new, exciting, and wondrous to others. Join me to see the experiences unveiled through their senses, their feelings, and their actions.


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