My very old dog

We lost Pongo on July 29, 2014 after 17 wonderful years together. See my post regarding coping with the grief of losing a pet. This post links to a short story I wrote of Pongo’s life – I’d love you to read it to help Pongo touch just one more person. He really was a very special friend whom I sorely miss.

Picture of my very old dog

Pongo excited to be inside. He is looking at my wife, standing just off to the left.

This is my very old dog – he’s a cross between a cattle dog and a Dalmatian. Hence the name Pongo from the movie 101 Dalmatians.

Don’t you love his coat? My daughter made that for him about five years ago. We call it his “girl’s blouse” because he is a little sook and needs to wear it whenever it gets the slightest bit cold outside. By that I mean anything under about 15°C.

But seriously, who can blame him, he turns seventeen in three days.

Photo of my very old dog with his foot bandaged.

Sore foot

The tendons in his hind legs have lost a lot of their elasticity so his heels sometimes touch the floor, causing sores. The vet advised us to use some of my old socks as dressings. I cut the toes out and they look like little leg warmers. There’s a bandage under the sock for extra protection.

He had a matching sock on his left hind leg last week but the sores on that foot have now healed. A very good sign. There’s hope for his right foot still!

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